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          1. 英語散文一女np名篇欣賞三篇

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              The lives of most men are determined by their environment. They accept the circumstances amid which fate has thrown them not only resignation but even with good will. They are like streetcars running contentedly on their rails and they despise the sprightly flitter that dashes in and out of the traffic and speeds so jauntily across the open country. I respect them; they are good citizens, good husbands, and good fathers, and of c逍遙兵王ourse somebody has to pay the taxes; but I do not find them exciting.


              I am fascinated by the men, few enough in all conscience, who take life in their own hands 瑞幸咖啡暴跌熔斷and seem to mould it in to their own liking. It may be that we have no such thing as free will, but at all events, we have the illusion of it. At a cross-road it does seem to us that we might go either to the right or to the left and, the choice once made, it is difficult to see that the whole course of the world's history obliged us to take the turning we did.




              When I was a young boy in Santa Cruz, California I used to help my Grandfather in the fields by his home. This was not his land but back in those days it was not unusual to barter with the neighbours to worked it for them so he could grow the vegetables that he loved. He would then share them with the neighbour for payment. He grew corn, beans, peas, zucchini, cucumbers and garlic. And nobody could grow bigger dahlias than my Grandfather.

              在我很小的時候,我的祖父傢住在加利福尼亞的聖克魯斯城,我常常去祖父傢附近的田地裡幫他幹農活。盡管那塊田地是屬於祖父的鄰居,但在那個時候,鄰居之間作實物交易是很常見的,所以祖父也能在那塊田地種上自己喜愛的農作物。而作為報酬,在收割時祖父就與鄰居們一同分享果實。祖父通常種植玉米、大豆、豌 豆、南瓜、黃瓜和大蒜。祖父的農藝很高超,就連他種的大麗花長得也要比鄰居們種的高大許多。

              As I worked along side him he used to l男生那個ove to tell this story of a named Giuseppe (Joe) and his wife who moved to a new farm with their three sons. They were settling into the new community when a nearby farmer told Joe that there was gold in the dirt 清明追思傢國永念of his new property. Joe took that statement as that there was actual gold in the land. He thought to himself, "I have three healthy sons, I will tell them about it". Indeed he told his sons that there was gold to be found in their new property. Needless to say his sons actually took charge of their personal enterprise right on their own land. They had visions of what they would do when they found gold. Each son had a different vision. For as young as they were, they set up quite a professional approach in the digging for gold.

              當我在一旁幫祖父幹農活時,他總愛給我講一個名叫喬的一傢人的故事。故事是這樣的:喬帶著妻子和他們的三個兒子搬到瞭一個新的農場。當喬一傢人住進一個新杜區以後,附近的一位農夫告訴喬說他的地裡有黃金。喬昕後以為這片土地有真的黃金存在,就在心裡暗鬼吹燈之龍嶺迷窟想我有徐若瑄 終極獵殺三個健壯的兒子,我應該把這件事告訴他們。"於是,喬告訴他的兒子說,在他們傢的這塊新地產上可以找到黃金。不必說,他的兒子們立刻去地裡挖掘黃金瞭,就好像把這件事當成瞭自己的事業一樣。他們幻想著找到黃金以後去做什麼,但每一個人都有各自不同的夢想。因為他們如此年輕,還提出一個相當專業的挖掘黃金的方法。

              They began in one corner with a certain width and kept going until they got to the end. Once they got to the property line they would start another swath and go back the other direction. They began to realize that digging for gold was fun! This procedure went on for about six months and they still weren through going through the whole property.


              Meanwhile Joe thought he would plant some crops in the area where the dirt had been turned thoroughly. He planted corn, tomatoes, potatoesand onions. His sons continued to dig through the soil, determined to find gold. As more dirt was available. Joe planted more crops. An interesting point here is that Joe had never farmed before but it had always been a dream of his to do so.